Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Camden Palace 5th Spt 1996

One of the shows that we will always remember is the day we played at the Camden Palace now called KOKO on the 5th of September the day before Matthews 24th Birthday.
Here is the flyer

This gig was filmed by 3 Cameras one was fixed the others were operated by David Milner who filmed the band right through the 90s and a fan called Mickey.

Up until recently this footage was forgotten about, and we have edited together a track from that gig, unfortunately there is no mixing desk audio, so we have dubbed on the sound being as faithful as possible to the sound that the band had on stage that night.

Enjoy some nostalgia

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Recent live acoustic shows

Well this week I played a couple last minute acoustic shows. The first was on Thursday at the Picture house in Exeter, this was due to the one we had booked on the 18th was cancelled as there is a comedy gig happening there that night. There was some good acts on, most notably my mate Chris Woods whom I’ve mentioned before.

Myself and Niall performed 5 Tracks, Fortunes Light, Jessica, To Behold, Home Too Soon and Tomorrow. I was very happy with how we played, I think in some ways it’s the best acoustic show thus far, not perfect by any means by getting there, this was also pointed out boy a few of the regulars that came to my Exeter gigs.

Then last night, I played a few songs on my own at an acoustic night in a pub called the Tamar Inn in a place called Calstock, now to get there the satellite navigation took us all over the place, down tiny little lanes up hills, and eventually we found the place, though there was hardly anywhere to park!

I did just 3 songs, Fortunes Light, To Behold and Jessica, There were some problems with the Pa howling a bit, and the microphone I was using was knackered. So not the best performance, but the people that watched enjoyed it.

I do think its worth doing these things once in a while just to keep the momentum going and to be able to play some new stuff too.