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Late Show BBC radio 5th April 2013

Doing this before it happens but Im talking about 2 new LPs, David Bowie 'The Next Day' and Eric Claptons 'Old Sock' both wonderful items of vinyl. 

From Clatopn his renditions of 'Goodnight Irene' (Leadbelly) and 'Still Got The Blues' (Gary Moore). 

Then from Bowie 'The Next Day' and 'Ill Take You There' 

All corkers tonight.

BBC Radio Late Show 29th March 2013

Some random tunes and chat this week. 

First off a Song called 'Queen and Country' by Jethro Tull from the album 'War Child' I had actually not heard this LP until the day and though this was a bit good. 

Then a song from the Second David Crosby and Graham Nash LP 'Wind on the Water' with the song 'Love Work Out'. 

Then I thought to finish a bit of Genesis from the prog to pop transition LP 'And then there were three' with 'Ballad of Big' great tune that. 

With lots of banter in between!