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BBC Radio Playlist for 25th January 2013

Secrets back on stage..

Thursday night and Secrets For September took to the stage for the first time this year. It was an informal kind of show at the Picturehouse and it was just myself and Ellie for this one. 

As we are working on the new EP we thought it a good idea to play some of the songs from the ep.

The Set went

To Behold
The Man From Torquay
Letting Go
Friends Forever

We played pretty well though I must confess I had a senior moment during reflections and played the chorus back to front. Still the gig was a good start to the year. 

All Living Fear - Some Great Reviews

Well I thought id post a couple reviews of the All Living Fear album I'm genuinely very touched that the album has met with such favorable reaction.

This is one from 'This is Gothic Rock'

All Living Fear - Coming Home (2012)

All Living Fear
Coming Home
Danger Noise Rec.

All Living Fear is a band from the UK which has been active since 1992, and has built a name in the European underground scene. And now 20 years later, founder member Matthew North presents this record “Coming Home”. It is an exquisite, relaxing, and very pleasant experience. Their music is a rich mixture of styles  : Gothic Rock, Dark wave, Alternative Rock and even some influences from Progressive Rock bands .The tracks are mid-tempo and each one has been finely crafted, the producer  (Matthew itself) did such a great work. Mike Soundy (drums), Dave Holwill & Niall Parker (bass) , has joined forces with Matthew (Guitar, voice) to create this record. Have to mention the contribution of…

The Last Shop Standing? Not HMV!

11th Jan 2013 - It was all about Bowie