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All Living Fear Re Releases Jessica

As we will be coming up to our 20th anniversary we will be re releasing via digital download all our CD albums.

One item that has never seen a digital release is the bands first ep Jessica. This was recorded in 1994 and is so far the only recording with a live drummer (John Macklin of the band Legend along with Steve Paine also of Legend on Keyboards whom also produced the EP).

You can now listen to in full and download the EP from here

Jessica EP by All Living Fear
Sonic Rock and other tales

(I should have posted this blog last week)

Well this has been a rather extraordinary week music wise.

A few years ago I was at a musical crossroads, There was so much I wanted to do, but I never had the confidence to do what I wanted, this all changed on the 8th June 2009 when I did an open mic in Richmond at a place called the Watermans, this was the first time that I had ever sung in front of anyone and I got away with it from this point on I knew anything was possible, I just needed to find the direction.

The obvious one was for the band I was In, but that ended up in a mess, its one thing being in a band that isn’t that popular in its genre, but when there genre has little popularity in the world then you are on a loosing battle before you start. So I feel it was the best decision I have ever made to walk away from it as far as being a touring musician is concerned.

There has been one thing that I have always wanted to do, and that’s be a band on the festi…
Un expected night at the Picturehouse 23rd June 2011

So last night we went to the Picturehouse to see Anthony Smith do his ep launch, and ended up playing a little set, with Andy B playing drums.

The night kicked off with the Morrisons doing a bass player less set, its bad to loose 1 bass palyer, they have mislaid 2 haha, still didn’t matter they played a fine set. Rupert Bath was on next another local singer songwriter was a good little set from him too.

Now the big news is that the Picture House now to Pizza’s they are top notch and I feel the Silent Whistle in Ashburton has some serious competition on its hands.

Last on officially was Ant himself, who has been planning his ep as long as its taken for the Olympic Stadium in London to be finished off, and finally its here. He played a set of 8 songs inc the ep naturally ably assisted by Andy B on the drums. After his set there was some time left, so the drummer of The Morrisons did a couple songs on guitar, then I was egged on by Andy B …