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27th Jan 2011 at the Picturehouse and the run up to it.

Had a really interesting couple of weeks musically speaking. It all started about 3 weeks ago when I placed an ad on Gumtree for a singer for the new band. I had trie before but to no avail but after getting new material out there, I thought I would give it another shot. Anyhow as it turned out 2 people applied for the job, and I kind of went with the person that applied first. That person was Marina, and before we had even practiced we had already written one song together, and she has given me lyrics for 4 other songs, one of which I have written a riff for.
I had the idea that to see how things go that she would sing a song with me at my acoustic show I had booked for the 27th Jan. Well firstly Niall was available to play so it was already a duo Then we upped it from 1 song to adding the new one as well. We rehearsed it last Sunday, both electric and acoustic and both were really good. I knew from this point that my gut instinct…
BBC Radio Playlists

I will try to list what I play on the radio each week

28th Jan 2011
Tonight I was talking about Harvest Records and played
Third Ear Band - Earth
Bakerloo - Once Upon A Time
Quatermass - Up on the Ground
Pink Floyd - The Narrow Way

21st Jan 2011- Prog Rock Special
Gray Lady Down - Annabel
Mr So And So - The Circus
Secrets For September - Dub Matter What It Is
Pendragon - Master Of Illusion

14th Jan 2011 - The Move
Useless Information
Beautiful Daughter
California Man
+ One other that I Forgot

7th Jan 2011 - Bass Players that Passed Away Mick Karn and Phil Kennemore
Y & T - Shine On
Y& T - One Life
Japan - Visions Of China
Japan - Canton