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Exeter Picturehouse 29th July 2010

Last night was another trip up the A38 to the Picturehouse in Exeter.

I must have played there more than any other venue in the last 2 years, and it’s a great test bed for what I’m doing. Tonight I had put in some new songs, because I have been practicing singing every day weather with the band, recording or whatever the nerves factor isn’t kicking in like it was.

The first act on was Rosie Eade and a chap playing Piano, they were VERY good indeed, I think it was one of their first gigs too.

After her set I went on, was nice to have a gang of mates in the audience.

The set went like this

Fortunes Light
Drowning (A new song)
Broken Dream (A new ish song that will be explained in a few weeks time)
TO Behold
Love is a Spirit (Arthur Browns Kingdom Come song)
Twenty Nine Point Nine

I decided to do Love is a spirit as a kind of last minute thing, I remembered the lyrics were on the Tantric Lover CD so I typed them out, played it through a couple of times o…
Well that was a surprise!

Last night my girlfriend went out for a drink with a friend and I was going to pick her up after work, I get a text from her around 10 pm saying to bring my guitar with me. It turned out that I had been booked a slot on an acoustic night at a venue called the James Street Vault. Id never been there before but its basically in the middle of the university, It’s a kind of a cross between the Dev in Camden and the Timepiece in Exeter. When I got there a Irish folk band were launching into full swing, then there was a French blues guitarist and after him it was me.I did 3 songs in totally I should probably have done a few more but I didn’t want to over cook it. I did Fortunes Light, To Behold and 29.9 I was very pleased in how it all went down, I was quite nervous and I’m always nervous when it comes to using the loop pedal you only have to knock it out of time by a fraction and it sounds awful but I managed to get it spot on.It’s a great little venue and I’d very…
Update 14th July 2010

Hi all

Well I thought it was about time for an update, though I’m still rather excited by the news that last Saturday David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed again together, If you didn’t know they did a charity gig in Kidlington Oxfordshire for the HOPE for Palestine charity inc one generous audience member who paid 50 thousand quid for them to do an encore of Another Brick In The Wall.

You can read more about here here

The photo was by Polly Sampson.


I have been writing and recording, I was looking at putting something out as a free download by the end of the month, I hope this to still be the plan, there are 2 songs almost finished, one called Drowning and the other called Feel that I have performed live a few times on my acoustic gigs.

Yes I am also going to do another All Living Fear download this like the last one will be free and will have maybe 2 or 3 tracks, and maybe an extended mix of one of the songs as well. There is a s…