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Twenty Nine Point Nine
by Matthew North 11th March 2010

(Verse 1)
Everybody knows there’s something wrong
Take your time and listen to this song
Words of fortune, words of faith
Do what you can before it’s too late

The Man on the door offers you hope
You didn’t see the rate oh what a joke
Twenty nine point nine you’re unlucky number
Take your money you’re going under

You Work all day and you work all night
He’s knocking at the door and you get such a fright
You signed on the line and you made it easy
Twenty nine years and you life is breezy

Working all day and working all night
You didn’t think the loan would take your life
Money is easy but work is hard
You better think twice when you take that card

(Verse 2)
Five years gone you are no better
You’re at the mercy of the debt collector
Robert Johnson sold his song
Nobody knew him till he was gone

Nothings worth getting this mess
Forget the car and save the stress
Kill the TV in the morning
Go outside enjoy the glory
Here is some lyrics to one of my new songs.

Feel – 10-03-2010

Everybody that you see today
Wants to get there and is happy to pay
Doesn’t matter if you sing or dance
You just want to have the chance

Reality is a wonderful thing
It’s not your dreams that they want you to bring
Through the door with a broken heart
That’ll get you to the start

Dreams may come, and dreams may go
Nothing to win, if you get on the show
The only thing you can guarantee
Is you will loose you dignity

Money for something you cannot spend
They take your soul to the very end
There’s no short cut to be a star
Just open your heart and play your guitar

Everything you dream is not as it seams
Manufactured waste is your only scene
Think long and hard before you take the step
Or you’ll live in a life of debt

Come on through to the other side
Your soul and heart is so alive
Do the things you want to do
Don’t let the high trousers turn the screw

There’s no substitute for something that’s real
For something from the heart that you will feel

That you…
Torquay Reunion show 27th feb 2010

Well last Saturday night was our homecoming show at Ryans bar in Torquay. Many faces of old showed up inc people that I have known for over 25 year and even a couple that were at our first ever gig in 1992.

The set was split in half, the first set was Myself and Paul performing the ‘Into The Light’ album in full to add contrast I played the opening track Fortunes light on the Mandolin Here is a video clip.

After the main set we also did Morning Dew to finish off.

The after a break of about 20 minutes we did the electric set.

We had 2 new songs

The set went:-

1 To Behold
2 Each And Every Way
3 Jessica
4 Wait For Yesterday
5 Wait Here
6 The Living
7 Home Too Soon
8 Destiny
9 The Widows Blame
10 Tomorrow

And we did an encore of Jessica again.

To Behold we have played live acoustically but Destiny this was its first live outing.

Reception was very favourable to the new material so there will be more in the next set.

More photos on the bands Myspace and Facebook pages