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Exeter Picturehouse Show 8th Oct 2009

Last night I performed a full length solo show at the Picturehouse in Exeter, I ended up being the headline act, for a long while now I’ve felt uncomfortable being the headliner, possible a lack of confidence thing harking back to the bands wilderness years of the late 90s, when things were not as good as they are now.

Anyhow, Niall was unable to perform at this show as it was his wedding anniversary so I did it on my own. I wasn’t sure what songs to pick, but as the Picturehouse is a chilled out venue so really I can get away with playing anything, and I thought id pop in a couple of my new songs that I did at the Watermans a couple moths ago.

So the set was

Fortunes Light
Each And Every Way
New Song without a title
The Widow’s Blame
Friends Forever (Another new one working title)
Stranger To None
Encore: Home Too Soon

Was a great night, and made me very happy.