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Paul Di'Anno - The Classics
The Maiden Years

OK, what we have here is the singer of the greatest heavy metal band of them all, singing all the key tracks that made that band great. The thing is has he pulled it of? Well quite frankly, yes and then some. The only criticism I would have is the track order, and that is because having listened to the first maiden album for the last 25 years you get used to what comes next (that’s a real bone of contention with cd remaster as they decided to shove sanctuary on as track 2 grrrr) . Still Paul is in fine voice, and has a variety of musicians that keep faithful to the maiden sound. Actually Paul has a very good way of getting backing bands, he just goes on tour with an Iron Maiden tribute bands as his backing band!

This CD is strictly limited and you can only get it from Paul’s web site, but if you are a fan at all of any of the early Maiden recordings then you should really grab a copy of this before Steve Harris comes running for the royalt…
Roger O'Donnell
The Truth In Me

The first thing to strike you about this cd is the stunning packageing and artwork much as roger has embraced the modern technology of things like I tunes he has also made the hard product something very unique to.

Roger was a member of 2 of the most important bands of my lifetime, that being The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and The Thompson twins, though he spent the last 20 odd years with the odd break for good behaviour as a member of The Cure.

So what we have here is a labour of love turned into a full album, he was commissioned to compose a piece if music for the Moog film that came out last year the while track was to be written and recorded using just a Moog (in this case a Moog Voyager) . The Moog is normally thought of as a lead instrument or used for fat bass sounds, roger has put in a lot of attention to detail and used it for not just melodies but has made percussive sounds and given you the impression t at your in a lab with about 4 boff…
The Who Tour Review of 3 Dates

So first show of the season for me was Ashton Gate in Bristol, I have been to so many good gigs in this city over the years so was well up for this one. The first band to take the stage were Never The Bride, now you may remember the singer of this band appearing on the TV programme Faking It when a choir girl became a rock chick! Anyway there is no faulting this lot a tight bunch of seasoned pros doing basically Janis Joplin type rock music, they were very good, unlike the Zutons that followed, who basically bored me to tears, bar the last song an improvisation that was OK.

The Zutons

After the Zutons played I had a keen eye on the stage, and my mate Clinton popped on stage with his little camera making an item for points west (he did an item the day before on Rabbit with a very tenuous link to the south west in that he lives in Taunton! Lucky sod got to go to Bray Studios too grrrrrr :) )

Mr Clinton Rogers!

Now the big question was will they be as good as wh…